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"Tadeas Podracky does not believe in limiting himself to a particular design or art form prefers to explore the space between by analyzing both historiacal and contemporary context. He has always admire aesthetics, form and function of the world."

Tadeas Podracky born in 1989 in Czech republic is artist, designer, creative personality and glass enthusiast with passion for arts and crafts. With an academic training in the fine and applied arts he builds his artwork on blurry borders of these two fields.
His unique approach to work based on comprehensive historical and material researches already built him his significant style recognized around the world. Craft skills and respect for traditional heritage of glass manufacturing in combination with contemporary aesthetic and themes makes from Podracky visionary who can sensitively bring into glass new possibilities and meanings in today life. Despite he is known for large generous artistic glass objects, his range of interest also includes product design disciplines such as table ware, table tops, lighting or furniture.
Podracky developed many interesting projects in collaboration with famous companies. In monumental objects named Dioscuri manufactured in Moser glass works he brings combination of colored glass with leather and precious woods. In Jaars he express his conceptual motivated themes and in Skywalkers he challenges lighting design.
Every project from Podrackys body of work is extremly creative and open to different kinds of disciplines. This attitude allows him to find interesting points of view in every piece of his artwork.

He was awarded with the:
2012 - Ludwig Moser Award
2013 - Designblok talent card
2013 - Czech Grand Design Awards – Nominee
2014 - Designblok diploma selection – Nominee
2014 - Editors Awards Designblok 2014
2014 - Glass of the Year, Award of magazine Dolce Vita
2014 - Czech Grand Design Awards, Discovery of the Year
2015 - AD Design Award - Winner of the category: “Vintage Reloaded"
2016 - Fellowship - Creative Glass Center of America

Tadeas Podracky is based in Prague