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"Tadeas will present an installation summing up his further reflections on the status of design and art, and on their mutual interactions. He filled up fictional space with artifacts from his everyday environment, including pieces of furniture, or a skateboard, which together, assembled in a whole, he transformed into a new visual form. The concept of his show draws inspiration from the concept Habitus, coined by the French sociologist Pierre Félix Bourdieu, denoting rooted patterns of behaviour determined by social convection. Tadeas's objects assume an additional semantic value, communicating between each other, as well as with the installation as a whole, and with spectators.

" I will work with objects which are typical for one feature or another, and are therefore easy to bracket in; thereby, I intend to influence that final effect generated by the installation. I do not wish to construct an imitation, or for that matter, some real life interior either; rather, this is supposed to be a reflection on the system of arrangement of things/objects in a given space, on what can affect such arrangement, and how a certain arrangement can affect another one. I am going to create a reminiscence of fictional space - a torso of sorts - featuring an arrangement of objects tuned to a system of values generated by me" said Tadeas of his method"

official text of HABITUS exhibition, Start up project, City gallery Prague, Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace