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Pineapples is decorative collection of glass jars. Whole collection consist of four different shapes. Each jar is unique due to hand made production and a combination of free glassblowing and blowing into molds.Pineapples are produced in traditional glass workshop in northern Bohemia where artisans still use traditional way of handmade glass working with all now almost forgotten techniques of hand shaping and decorating glass. These objects are unique not only for the modern application of traditional glassmaking techniques but also for the unique colors where is combination of more then five colors of glass in one piece. Pineapple and pumpkin shapes are reminiscent of the first vessels that man created and they are also reflected in the shapes of vases or bowls across world cultures. Pineapples collection brings to tableware strong story and unique production of exceptionally high quality art object on the border between utility and art work.