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Bronze Collection: Umbrella table & stool

Umbrella table & stool project is part of my exploration of chinese traditional crafts in Yuhang, China. This part of China is very famous for its tradition in bamboo and bronze products. I originaly did research about Oil-paper umbrella crafts and I tried to find a way how to use it in new way.

In this project I joined two beautiful traditions of Yuhang manufacture production. I created umbrella table and stools out of chinese bronze but they are based on Oil-paper umbrella construction and crafts.

All parts of table are inspired by umbrella shape which I deconstruct and then assembled in a different order. Umbrella shape and bronze material are very important for this project, because in the Chinese culture has a very complex symbolism. Umbrella means inter alia protection from evil spirits and the circular appearance symbolizes "fullness" connotation of a beautiful life.

My goal was to create piece of furniture which engaged traditional chinese and contemporary culture.